Me Thingies! PICTURES!!!

These first few photos were from the absolutely, posiv'tootly, terrifying ghost investigation we were on.


The ceremony was started with the ritual of the "Drinking of the Beer". This was imparted onto us as the way to get the spirits flowing. And flowing they did. *hiccup* ^_^

NOTE!: This poor soul was caught in abject fear from the prankish poltergeist pallamering through this cranial conglameration!!

And.....This is moi! I too was caught up in the horror that befallen onto me.

"May ye never have to go through this, matey!"

Saint Joseph Hefeweisen.

And now....The UFO investigation!!

Silly Team 6! This is one of our brave investigators gazing down into the window of some woman that we suspected was a Reptilian. Turned out she was the daughter of the police chief in the town.

You tell me!........Yoooouuu tell me! @__@ -------->

This at first appeared to be a pile of rocks! But our guide assured us it was built by the anisazi that live underground in secret caves and passages, and "not" constructed by drunken hikers durring the day. To this day I still ponder this mystery.

In this picture we see one of the Silly Team 6 members posing fashionably for the camera with the UFO hovering behind.

Here lies the UFO country as it's seen with the naked eye durring daytime. Looks innocent and placid, right?......Waaaaaait until daaaark! >:0

I gotta post all the pictures yet. I just started fiddling with this website today. So this is all new to me